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Angela Petronelli
I am also a gifted Reader of Tarot. The Tarot and the Angels work side by side to deliver a psychically clear, balanced and informative reading.
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Julianne Neese
Julianne is an intuitive guide and Reiki Master awakening individuals to the presence of the Angels so that you can receive messages to help you have a more joyful and peaceful life.
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Toni Dore
Toni Thomas-Dore is an Ohio native and a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in education. She is an author in the field of education and a gifted Astrologer. You will find a session with Toni to be most enlightening.
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Nancy Cohen
Nancy loves Astrology and it shows, she continues to study daily and has had a syndicated newspaper column, a weekly radio show and has written a book all celebrating her knowledge and astrological gifts.
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Gina Jones
Gina E. Jones is a Certified Magi Counselor, an award-winning author, screenwriter and former radio talk show host. Most importantly, she is a Queen of Diamonds
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Kim Rogers Gallagher
Kim (a ninth-house Sagittarian) is a professional astrologer who fell in love with astrology just about 20 years ago. Her ‘Love, Money, Health,’ column has appeared in Dell Horoscope for the past 13 years
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Paula Dare
Paula Dare is an intuitive Astrologer with 22 years experience living in the Atlanta area, and is also certified through the Atlanta Board of Astrologers.
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Carla's Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Love, Career
Tools: Astrology, Dream Interpretation, Tarot

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